No Punk Influences - Fight Within

No punk influences - fight within


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11 songs of raw and gritty street punk out of Monmouth, Illinois, sung with passion and purpose. Strong, steadfast proclamation that delivers their unique message of hope and redemption, found only in Jesus. This album was forged out of the close friendships and hard knocks that come through years of playing in basements and garages, until the band’s following eventually propelled them to stages at some of the largest music festivals. The album’s track listing is:

1. More Than Conquerors
2. One By One
3. Evil Dead
4. Smash Hit
5. Dead to Sin
6. Lost
7. Pull Us Through
8. Materialism
9. So Selfish
10. Turn Our Backs
11. Seek and Find

No Punk Influences are Loudmouth LaVal (vocals and bass), Chris Lefler (guitar and vocals), and Josh Christianson (drums and vocals). Recorded at Basement Studios in Davenport, Iowa, by Nathan Lane. Mixed by Chris Lefler and produced by No Punk Influences. Artwork by Dave Besanson Originals.

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